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PEG-TV learns the ins and outs of the KMS four-season airbag facility

PEG-TV's Amanda Wheeler recently spent some time in Killington learning more about Killington Mountain School's new four-season airbag facility. Her visit was timed perfectly as KMS freestyle and freeski athletes were using the facility for the first time, landing trick after trick on the soft airbag.

Designed for KMS Freestyle, Snowboard, and Freeski athletes, and KMS airbag camp participants, the facility can be used for training year-round, independent of weather or snow coverage, thanks to its Msnow synthetic snow surface. The road for athletes to the highest level of competition includes the mastery of very complex aerial maneuvers. The training path to acquire these skills starts first with practice on campus in the school's trampoline facility, and after a large number of successful jumps, next progressing to the airbag, before finally taking tricks to the mountain and landing them on snow. This progression is mandated by US Ski and Snowboard and USASA, and allows for optimal skill development, coach feedback, and athlete protection. For the first time, athletes in this area will be able to train those progressions close to home and at the base of the best mountain in the east.

Click the link below to watch the PEG-TV segment and see clips of KMS athletes hitting the bag!




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