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Academic Standout

Student Recognized: Jade Denker

House Team: Ramshead

Date of Recognition: February 15th, 2023

Faculty Presenter: Brad Ramsay

Please join the KMS teaching faculty in recognizing Jade Denker as this week’s Academic Standout! Jade is a Winter-Term Freestyle athlete, who comes to KMS from Easton, Connecticut. Jade was enthusiastically nominated by several of her teachers, who acknowledge this young academic’s commitment to her studies as well as her positive impact in the classroom. All agree that it continues to be a pleasure to have Jade in class, and they continue to look forward to what academic strides and growth she accomplishes during her time here with us this year.

Presenting for Jade this week at our all-school meeting, as well as putting forth the first nomination for her, is Math Department Co-Chair Brad Ramsay. Brad states, “My Algebra II class is made up of a group of excellent students. Yet immediately upon joining us for Winter-Term, Jade raised the bar to an even higher standard. Her work is consistently excellent, complete, and timely. She is resourceful and self-sufficient in learning while traveling, yet not afraid to seek out help if needed. She is an attentive, respectful and active participant in class, and may be the only student I have had that maintained a 100% test average throughout an entire academic quarter. Jade exemplifies the KMS RILER ethos in all she does, is a valued leader in the KMS Community, and is a pleasure to teach. Her work ethic will serve her well in life, and open a world of possibilities for a bright future. Congratulations Jade!

Seconding Jade’s nomination is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Advisory Coordinator Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney writes, “It has been a pleasure teaching Jade in my Early American History course this year. As a student, I have come to know Jade as an incredibly kind and bright young academic, who is both curious and insightful in her analysis of US History. She is highly motivated to do her best, seeking to not only do her best on each and every assignment and assessment given, but to also use any and all opportunities within the classroom to bring her already strong reading and writing skills to the next level. She never met a piece of history that she was not determined to understand, and she always took the time and effort needed to connect what we covered in class to the bigger picture historical themes and concepts that allow her to be a more mindful participant in our global community. She is a positive asset to any classroom, kind and thoughtful in her interactions with others, and is someone that selflessly reaches out to help her peers in the classroom. I am excited to put forth this nomination for Jade this week- she is an amazing young student, and one that any teacher would love to have within their classroom. Excellent work, Jade!”

Putting forth another nomination is Admissions and Advancement Coordinator, and World Languages faculty Elizabeth Cardiasmenos. Liz reflects, “Jade has impressed me since the very beginning of winter term. She is punctual, attentive and strives to do her very best whether she's in person or traveling. She is an independent learner who knows what to do and how to do it. She is a positive and encouraging classmate, and exemplifies the qualities of a dedicated learner.”

Also supporting Jade’s nomination is English Department Chair Shayna Miller. Shayna comments, “Jade has been a wonderful addition to our Winter-Term English class. Jade always brings a smile and a kind word to her classmates, and is not afraid to take chances with her creative endeavors, especially her writing and cartoon art. Congratulations, Jade!”

And rounding out this list of amazing nominations is Student Life Coordinator, Golf Program Director and Coach, and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz. Eric writes, “It has been a pleasure teaching Jade in my Video Production & WT Sculpture classes. She has improved each day with her learning about both creative arts. In Video Production, she has been outstanding in learning about Mastering Compositions & Revealing simple lines in addition to making Title Sequences to open a film. In WT Sculpture, she has been making outstanding work using both Polymer Clay & using X-ACTO knives to make playing card sculpture pieces. Her understanding of both Elements & Principles of design within the topics of sculpture has shown that she has truly enjoyed and understood the material she has learned.”

Please join us in congratulating this amazing young academic! Excellent job, Jade! We are very proud of you!





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