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Student of the Week – October 5, 2016

Congratulations to EK Robinson-Leith who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday’s all-school community lunch. EK is a Snowboard athlete who comes to KMS from Killington, VT. She was nominated for this award by history teacher Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney commented, “EK is in my US History course and she is one of my strongest students. She is great at participating in class. She is someone who has great questions and ideas and has the confidence to bring them up in class during our discussions. More than once, her contributions to our all-class discussions has helped her fellow students understanding some of our more complicated materials and themes that we are studying in class. Her work quality is always great, showing that she not only knows the information and can communicate effectively in writing but that she is really thinking about the information and themes being discussed. She is a kind student who gets along with her peers and show exceptional organization and time management skills in my course. Overall, EK is a great student to have and one which will continue to do great things as the school year progresses.” Art teacher Eric Kuntz seconded the nomination, “EK is amazing in art class, and just keeps cranking out the work. She is in Studio Art III and doing advanced work. From black & white watercolor paintings, to abstract color acrylic canvas work, she is always positive, upbeat and a pleasure to have come to class. She even gets excited enough about making art to come in on her free time!” English teacher Alex Crivici added, “EK is always prepared for class discussions and takes her school work very seriously. When engaging in a discussion with another student she uses both poise and diplomacy to get her point across. She is extremely respectful to all of her peers and is always in an upbeat-positive mood!” Math teacher Steve Tuckerman agreed as well, “I also support EK’s nomination; she is doing superior work in Algebra 2.” It is clear that EK’s teachers all show resounding support for her as a hard working student and important member of the KMS community; well done, EK!




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