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Climbers reaching new heights

Climbing season is off and running with bouldering competitions occurring both of the last two weekends. New team member Gabe Robinson-Leith has been making great progress and is seeing gains already from the effort he’s been putting in. Gabe is traveling to Patagonia this winter to climb and he will be ready and able to climb anything and everything (see attached picture of Gabe night bouldering at Deer Leap).

KMS Climbing athlete Sam Hayden is off to a strong start. He competed in Open/Pro class at Petra Cliffs two weeks ago and tied with the winner on points, just nudged into second place by one fall. Then Sam competed in the Darkhorse Bouldering Competition at Metrorock in Williston. Darkhorse is one of the toughest competitions in the United States with pro climbers flying in from around the country and the world. There were well over 200 climbers competing at this event. Sam competed in the advanced category and came home with a third place finish after a rough start. He climbed his two highest point climbs in the last half hour of the competition to secure his first podium at a Darkhorse event since 2010.

Over the next few weeks we will be participating in USA Climbing comps around New England, working on hard projects outside, and dialing up strength and technique heading into Regional Championships in early December.




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