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Tobias and Stromski take podiums in Cincy

Killington Mountain School's Cycling team has just returned from a successful competition trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, and Coach Brad Ramsay shared a recap of the weekend of racing: "Cincy ’16 proved to be another epic weekend of Cyclocross!

Day one was the 2016 Pan American Championship at Devou Park. The course is notoriously technical, and lived up to its reputation this year! It included crazy off-camber descents, steep run-ups, and obstacles that caused enough flats to make tire factories happy!

Tyler Clark broke a shoe, flew into the pit for a quick duct-tape fix, then chased back for a fourth place finish in the U-19 UCI Continental Championship!

Aliza Tobias had an awesome day, and rode to the second spot on the Women’s Cat 4 Podium! Johannes Stromski also had a great day, finishing third in the Men’s Cat 3 field.

Moving on to Sunday, the course transitioned from technical to power, with lots of long, straight sections that put watts at a premium over technical skills. Tyler had another good day in the UCI Juniors, finishing fourth. Aliza also raced to a fourth place finish. Last, but certainly not least, Johannes KILLED IT… racing to an awesome first place finish in the Men’s Cat 3 field.

This coming weekend, most of the squad is in Louisville, Kentucky for the UCI Derby City Cup. However, all eyes will be on Sherburne, Quebec on Saturday; where Tyler and Vivien Rindisbacher are both going after the U-19 Canadian National Cyclocross Championship Title!"

Best of luck to all the cyclists this weekend!




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