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Freestyle team has strong showing at Selections

It has been a great week for the team here in Winter Park, Colorado at the US Freestyle Selections. The Selection event is a three day qualifying event. The top finisher over three days qualifies for domestic World Cup starts while the top 25 qualify for domestic Nor Am and top 20 the entire Nor Am Tour. Nearly 70 male and 60 female top athletes from all over the US, China and Australia competed this week.

We saw a lot of great performances from our team this week with several career best finishes. The KMS Freestyle team has shown themselves to be not just some of the best junior skiers in the country, but simply some of the best freestyle athletes in the US!

Day 1 - Single Moguls

Cam Robinson - 9th (First FIS Final)

Hannah Soar - 15 (First time competing a Back Full)

Alex Lewis - 16 (First FIS Final)

Kalman Heims - 23

Ian Beauregard - 31 (First US Selections)

Spencer Belsky - 48 (First US Selections)

Collin Campbell - 56

Abe Studler - 7th

Day 2 - Single Moguls

Abe Studler - 3rd (Career best FIS single moguls)

Hannah Soar - 5th

Kalman Heims - 8th (First FIS Final)

Cam Robinson - 14

Alex Lewis - 23

Spencer Belsky - 25

Collin Campbell - 34

Ian Beauregard - 58

Day 3 - Dual Moguls

Kalman - 6 (career best finish)

Alex -7 (career best finish)

Cam - 17

Collin - 37

Ian - 45

Spencer - 53




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