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Development Program Update

As usual, the mogul team could be found on the East Coast Freestyle Hub of Outer Limits over the weekend. If we thought last week was silky and smooth mogul skiing, this week was epic. While the rest of the mountain took a hit during the mid-week rain, the constant snow gun spray made for perfect “powder” bumps. I had an especially cool moment on Sunday, watching from below as four of the groups ripped down the top of OL through moguls twice the size of the kids. I'm so impressed and proud!

On Saturday, the Bumps and Jumps Team competed in the Mini Shred Madness Railjam hosted by Killington in the Easy Street Terrain Park. This was a nice break in our long training block. The team had tons of fun, trying new tricks and showing off their park skills in an effort to take home the big prizes. The podium included:

The Beast Award Grace Marinella

Grom Ski Male

2nd Trae Damore

Grom Ski Female

1st Maddy Byrnes

2nd Sydney Grogean

3rd Stephanie DeLuna

Great Job Team! The coaches wanted to share some additional highlights from the weekend:

"We really tried to convert our drills into action this weekend. The girls elevated their game and attempted 360’s! A big shout out to Abrianna Gordon who landed her first 360! I've received multiple comments from locals on how impressive the girls are skiing on OL.”

– Coach Guy

“Grace did an awesome job sliding the down rail sideways and coming out switch off of other features which ultimately lead her to win for the super grom age division. Everybody else put in a great effort and didn't seem to get tired while hiking.” Another highlight was “Liam going pretty big over the jumps in Mouse Run.”

– Coach Marissa

“This was the first comp ever for Bennett, Colin, Peter and Sean. They did awesome showing off skills they have been practicing in the park: jumping sliding and spinning boxes and rails, front and switch. And Josh spun some 360’s on the jump.”

–Coach Peter

“We worked on jumps and rail in the park. We’re all getting better at popping and being balanced in the air, as well as jumping 90 onto rails. Great job to everyone who competed in the Mini Shred comp! “

–Coach Darius

“We had fun at the mini shred with Stephanie placing third and Sydney placed second. On sunday we ripped up outer limits and ended the day trying new jumps on the trampolines.”

–Coach Colby




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