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Hitting bumps and jumps

This Saturday, many of the B's had the opportunity to train side-by-side with KMS athletes as they prepared on the newly-minted A course for upcoming NorAm and World Cup competitions. The steep terrain and long, complex middle section didn’t vex our athletes, and instead only pushed them to work harder. Coach Peter’s Group watched U.S Ski Team Member Hannah Soar rip up the course. “We got to follow her down, taking a run from the top.” After this motivating experience, “We skied really hard. I was very impressed with the focus, energy and improvement!” Our youngest Bumps & Jumps Group did their own vertical challenge with Coach Bob. “We totally ripped it skiing OL, Vertigo, Stichline (2), Ovation, Stash (3), Patsies, Timberline, Mouserun and Rollercoaster (2). The total downhill vertical was 17306' with uphill a combined 34835' easily surpassing 1 Everest in 1 day!” On Sunday, 30 of athletes headed to Stratton for the mogul competition. After a month-long training block, everyone was anxious to get in the gate. With a maxed out field of competitors, the Killington team put on a show of fast and aggressive skiing and high flying tricks and spins. Coach Rich commented, “Basically, KMS dominated! When our skiers get their collective mojo working, everyone feeds off of it! I’m very proud of our kids and our program! Special shout out to Tyler for taking his game to another level and Grace for the fastest women’s time of the day!” Congratulations to Jack Petrone and Megan Ciaglo, the overall champions. And great job to our first time competitiors Justin Selan and Colin Bouley! Below are more impressive top five age group and top ten overall results. Back home, Colby mentioned that “On Sunday most of my usual group was at Stratton so Sydney, Bennett, Michaelangelo, Maya and Olivia and I took advantage of the short lines to explore the mountain. We hiked up Cat Walk to get a good view of the low lying fog.” Coach Darius “found some really fun skiing in Needles eye, and worked on body separation and edge control while the snow was forgiving.” The highlight for Coach Kevin was “singles and duals competitions above the fog on Powderline and West Glade. What a great time!” F9 1st Victoria Johnson 2nd Grace Marinella 3rd Emily Storch F11 1st Megan Ciaglo, 1st OVERALL F13 3rd Kassidy Lynch 7th OVERALL 4th Ella Rothberg 10th OVERALL M9 1st Josh Jamieson M11 1st Trae Damore, 7th OVERALL 3rd Ryan Jamieson 5th Gabe Johnson M13 1st Jack Petrone, 1st OVERALL 3rd Ray Lamlein 3rd OVERALL 4th Jamie Arquit, 4th OVERALL 5th Tyler DaMore, 5th OVERALL M15 1st Dakota Stuart, 8th OVERALL 4th Mike Rothberg




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