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Student of the Week September 27, 2017

Congratulations to Jenna Jenkins who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Jenna was nominated for this award by English Department Chair Alex Crivici. Alex shared, "Jenna worked diligently on her school work all summer. She not only submits her assignments on time while traveling, but also manages to remain thoughtful, precocious, and motivated. Jenna's writing mirrors her hardworking demeanor and her compassionate personality. Jenna has been producing excellent work in both the Creative Writing and Art elective, and 12th Grade Honors English. I am excited to see Jenna continue to flourish this year! Keep up the awesome work!"

Science teacher Allison Resnick seconded the nomination. She commented, "I can second Jenna. She was the only one of my students to submit all of her summer assignments on time, she participates in every class, and she starts her homework ahead of time so that she is able to ask questions if necessary."

History Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe agreed with the nomination, "I would like to also nominate Jenna for Student of the Week this week. Jenna is one of my Cultural Anthropology students this year. She is an awesome addition to the class. She participates on a regular basis, introducing new ideas and perspectives during our whole class discussions that really get the class thinking about different cultural reasons why certain societies do the things they do. The assignments she has turned in are well-thought out, reflective in nature, and show her high level of engagement with the material we are working with. She is kind and helpful to those around her and is a great personality to have in class. Overall, she is a great addition to our course and I look forward to what else she has to offer as the year progresses."

Congratulations, Jenna! Way to get the year off to a great start!




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