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Student of the Week - Amber Wood

Congratulations to Amber Wood who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Amber is a 9th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Woodstock, VT. She was nominated for this award by Science Department Chair, Terri Isidro. Terri, shared, "Amber is tackling the new challenge of being a high school and a full-term student with grace and tenacity. She has done such an excellent job balancing her academics and athletics as well as being kind, respectful, and participating fully in class. As a student, she is extremely responsible, enthusiastic, prepared, and displays great critical thinking skills in science class and lab. I never have to wonder if Amber has her assignments ready, she always does. She comes to class prepared as evidenced by her often being the first to raise her hand and discuss a complicated topic. In lab, she never throws up her hands in frustration but instead reviews the instructions, asks the right questions, and keeps working. She is also very patient and helpful toward her peers in general. She is also fun and funny, but never distracting. She helps give the class a very positive energy. Amber is a great role model for her peers and also displays a kind and supportive attitude in class. I feel she really deserves to be recognized for her consistently excellent academic skills in science, and for displaying the qualities of RILER on a daily basis and in the KMS community."

Art teacher Eric Kuntz echoed the nomination, "Amber is doing a great job in Photography too. She has completed some amazing projects, including her Monochromatic Photography project." World Languages Department co-chair Robert Cavanna commented, "I second the nomination of Amber for Student of the Week. She has been a diligent worker in my Spanish 2 course and fully deserves the accolade!" History teacher Ian Groezinger shared, "I agree with Amber's nomination. She constantly arrives to class on time and prepared to discuss the material. To this point she has constantly turned in quality work." Science teacher Brad Ramsay chimed in too, "Amber works hard in math and does a good job!" English teacher Shayna Miller rounded out the unanimous nominations, "I also agree with the Amber nomination. She consistently shows up on time, is on task and has a smile."

Incredible work, Amber. Nice job!




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