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Energizing solutions

Killington Mountain School math/science faculty member Richard Morse is always fun to watch. Whether he is fashioning a smoker out of an old file cabinet, building compost bins out back, tapping maple trees on campus property, starting a fire housed inside a log, taking apart small machines like lighters, or creating solar powered fountains, Richard brings vibrancy to campus and illuminates concepts for his students via hands-on, outside the box, and engaging activities.

Richard recently applied to and was selected for a program focused on renewable resources. In conjunction with that, VT Energy Education Program visited campus to talk about Vermont's goal to be 90% renewable by 2050. They brought along fun, hands-on experiments for students to partake in, which helped illustrate how electricity is generated using renewable resources such as wind, solar, hydro.

In addition, Richard recently worked in conjunction with photography/art teacher Eric Kuntz and took students to Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT. Students took photos on the trip for part of their photography assignment for Eric's class, and covered topics like methane gas, farm space needed to raise livestock, water (how much needed to support a cow- 40 gallons per day), milk, butter, cream, methods of growing and preparing food in the 1800’s, the history of where food comes from, and hydro power.

Learning comes in a variety of ways and retention certainly occurs through active engagement, something that Richard brings to KMS on a daily basis.




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