• Amy Allen

World Cup weekend wows record crowds

What a weekend! It would seem that while many people's eyes are looking sleep-starved, their mouths are fixed in permanent grins. Killington's Xfinity World Cup was a huge success, marking the second year in a row that the Resort and town have pulled off an incredible event.

The weekend kicked off with an awesome KMS Alumni party at the Highline Lodge, where former students who went to school in the Grange, at Pico, and in the current building, gathered with teachers, coaches, staff and parents to reminisce and make new connections. This will definitely be an annual event, so be sure to join us in November 2018 for an even bigger gathering. The Alumni party was followed by an incredibly fun and entertaining bib draw up at the Resort, with Doug Lewis and Warner Nickerson (in what became his signature American flag one-piece suit), entertaining the crowd as the racers learned their start order for the next day. One of the best firework shows of all time rounded out the bib draw, leaving everyone excited for the racing to kick off the next morning.