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Student of the Week - Isabella Phelan

Congratulations to Isabella Phelan who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Bella is a ninth grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Hartford, CT. Bella was nominated for this award by humanities teacher Ian Groezinger, who shared that Bella "consistently shows up to class on time and well- prepared to discuss material. She contributes meaningful thoughts and questions to class discussion, showing she has a true understanding of the material at hand. More importantly, she has been on top of her academics while out in Mammoth for training; I have received nothing but high-quality work. Additionally, Bella has been making good use of Google Hangouts by asking me quick questions as well as keeping me informed on timetables for assignments."

World Languages department chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen agreed, "I would also like to nominate Bella. Bella is motivated, independent, and has a strong work ethic. She works hard to keep up with her sending school requirements while at KMS and away, continually displaying an enthusiasm for learning, improving and excelling. ¡Muy bien Bella!" Art teacher Eric Kuntz commented, "I will second the nomination. She is doing a wonderful job in Studio Art. Bella has shown great improvements and progression in her art skills. Her first project though challenging, came out incredibly well. She shows up to each class with all her homework complete, on time, and ready to learn. She is always positive, asking questions, and is a delight to have in class." English teacher Kate Stone added her two cents as well, "I second the nomination for Bella. She is always on top of her assignments, even when she is across the country." Math Department chair Steve Tuckerman rounded out the nominations, "Bella is doing great in Geometry!"

Solid and strong accolades across the board! Well done, Bella!




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