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Student of the Week - Evan Gras

Congratulations to Evan Gras who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Evan is a sixth grade alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Higganum, CT. He was nominated for this award by World Languages Department co-chair Robert Cavanna, who shared the following anecdote: "Evan showed up to Latin last Monday (MLK day) after a long day at a competition/skills event. It was the only class he had left for that day, so he could have easily gone home with his mother. Instead, he showed up to class on time (in his race gear) and was ready to go. The only hiccup in this process was that he didn't have his books when he arrived, since he was coming from the hill. However, Evan had anticipated this minor oversight on the ride back to KMS, and had asked his mother to first drop him off and to then come back by the school with his books. Evan went above and beyond the call of duty, and is fully deserving of Student of the Week honors. He took the Latin aphorism, "carpe diem", and ran with it, so to speak."

Math/Science teacher Richard Morse agreed with the nomination, "Evan is very detailed, highly accurate and an epistemophilic (loves to learn). His plan of attack for his math work involves him first reading the chapter, then taking notes, then doing the practice problems, and then completing the actual assignment; I have never meet anyone who is this detailed with a math textbook." Richard continued, "In science, Evan always asks "Have I done enough?" For example, I recently asked him to draw the food web for Snowy Owls who live in the tundra. Evan told me his book said they eat hares, but then asked me if they also eat pika. He followed up by noting that hares eat grass, and asking if they also eat lichens too. This results in us doing more research and further adding to the food web."

Art teacher Eric Kuntz commented, "I can second Evan Gras. He did an outstanding job on his art history slide show on the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. He also did extremely well on his oral presentation; he was very comfortable with his information, spoke in a clear voice, and made good eye contact. He ask good questions, shows up early, ready to work, and is a delight to have in class."

Alex Daniels agreed with the nomination, "I nominate Evan, as well. He is excited to talk about his work in and outside of class, and puts forth a good effort."

Congratulations, Evan! It's not simple to balance the demands of academics and athletics, especially at the middle school age level and as a first-year student at an athletic academy, and you are doing an incredible job!




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