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Student of the Week - Lizzie DeGraw

Congratulations to Lizzie DeGraw who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Lizzie is a 10th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Mendon, VT. She was nominated for this award by Math Department Chair Steve Tuckerman who shared, "Lizzie really came on strong this week. She made up her missing work, came in for extra help, and aced her quizzes!"

English Department Chair Alex Crivici agreed, "I would also like to nominate Lizzie DeGraw. Over the last two years she has been a positive presence within English Class. Lizzie is an emerging writer who puts a lot of heart and effort into her work and takes her academics seriously. Lizzie is also extremely precocious and always comes to class prepared. Excellent work, Lizzie; it has been awesome teaching you these past two years!"

Language Department co-chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen added a nomination as well, "I also would like to nominate Lizzie. She is self-motivated and highly dependable, not only in class, but also when we have online lessons. Lizzie is always prepared to tackle new language skills, consistently staying on task and putting in her best effort on a daily basis. Great work this year Lizzie!"

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe felt Lizzie felt very strongly that Lizzie was deserving of this nomination, "I would like to also nominate Lizzie DeGraw for Student of the Week this week. I have had the pleasure of teaching Lizzie for the past two years as both her Western Humanities and, this year, US History teacher. Since the very first day I taught her, I have been beyond impressed by Lizzie's high level of motivation, focus, and responsibility. She continues to exceed any and all academic expectations for my courses. She meets all deadlines, often works ahead, communicates frequently, manages her time wisely, and focuses on producing high quality work for every assignment. She participates regularly during whole class discussions, asks great thought-provoking questions, seeks clarification and assistance when she is confused or needs help, confidently voices her opinions and thoughts during class, actively reflects on her growing knowledge of history, and utilizes her assignments as opportunities to demonstrate her growth as an academic. Her writing is always strong, polished, and reflective. There have been several occasions over the past two years when her writing has expressed an opinion or connection which has caused me to see what we are learning from via a different perspective. Any teacher can tell you that the ability to do such a thing, to learn from a student, is an incredible gift that a student can give their teacher." "Lizzie is also highly dependable," Courtney continued. "There is never a time when I am unsure if she will meet a requirement or respond to a communication. She is one of many students that I know will always come through, no matter what I ask of her. Finally, Lizzie is a positive presence in the classroom. She is kind individual who often goes out of her way to encourage those around her, myself included. She goes out of her way to support others when they need an sympathetic ear, a distraction from a bad day, or a person in whom to confide a worry. She is always one of the first to help someone out. It is never a surprise to hear her remind her fellow peers about homework assignments or take time out of her day to show someone how to navigate Google Classroom. Overall, Lizzie is an awesome student to teach. She should be very proud, both personally and academically, of all she is accomplishing. Way to go, Lizzie!"

Science Department Chair Terri Isidro added her thoughts, "Lizzie is a conscientious student and takes her learning seriously. She consistently completes her assignments and always participates in class. She's intelligent, responsible, kind, and a great role model for the other students. It's an absolute delight to have a class with Lizzie in it!"

Congratulations, Lizzie on a job very well done!




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