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Student of the Week - Sydney Bennett

Congratulations to Sydney Bennett, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Sydney is a 12th grade alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Benson, VT. She was nominated for this award by English department chair Shayna Miller.

Shayna shared, "I would like to nominate new student Sydney Bennett to be our first Student of the Week. In the short time Sydney has been with us, she has naturally exemplified the ideals of the KMS ethos of RILER (Respect, Integrity, Leadership, Excellence and Responsibility). Sydney joined my Honors English 12 class specifically requesting a challenging level of reading and writing for her last year of high school."

Shayna continued, "Sydney has integrated into the class with enthusiasm and kindness, consistently showing a good attitude and a willingness to try any assignments posed to her. For example, we did an experiment on the importance of details in writing, using the props of a piece of paper, a pen, a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a knife. Through instructing her fellow students on the seemingly banal task of making a peanut butter sandwich, Sydney revealed a knack for writing, a high level of intelligence and an entertaining sense of humor. As a result, she was unanimously 'hired' as the new class technical writer. Congratulations, Sydney!"

Social Studies department chair Courtney O'Keefe seconded the nomination, stating, "I would also like to nominate Sydney Bennett for Student of the Week. I have Sydney for Cultural Anthropology this year and I am beyond excited to have her in this class. Since we began academics in early August, Sydney has continued to impress me with her dedication to her academics and her obvious interest in Cultural Anthropology. Regardless if it is during a class discussion or in a recently turned in assignment, Sydney has proven herself to be a thoughtful, reflective, and capable young academic who is able to approach the study of Anthropology with an open mind, a willingness to understand, and a sensitivity to respect and admire the cultural differences found throughout the world. She is a leader in the classroom, never hesitates to help out her fellow peers who may have a question or technical issue, and her kind personality is one which benefits all who are around her. I have enjoyed chatting with her in class about what we are learning and I know that she will continue to impress me with her focus and dedication to not only do well in class, but grow as a more globally aware, culturally sensitive individual. Way to go, Sydney!

Math/science faculty member Allison Resnick agreed, commenting, "Sydney has put in great efforts in Physics and Calculus. She completed all of her summer work, and despite being new, she steps up and participates in class."

Science department chair Terri Isidro also felt Sydney was a strong nomination. She added, "Sydney Bennett: completed her summer work for kinesiology on time, comes to class prepared and ready to learn, she participates in discussions and has a great attitude in class when asked to work on a task, she is friendly, kind, and approachable--overall a great addition to our class and to the KMS community!"

World Languages department co-chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen shared, "Sydney attends my Spanish Advanced Communication class, and she is most deserving of this recognition. As a new full-time student, Sydney has transitioned into our class with ease. She exemplifies what it means to be an independent language learner by challenging herself to step outside of her comfort zone, while showing effort and care on a daily basis, at school and while away. ¡Excelente Sydney!"

Way to start off the year with a bang, Sydney! Congratulations!




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