• Amy Allen

Black Bear Award - Liad Barash

Congratulations to Liad Barash who was given the Black Bear Award at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Liad is a 10th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Ashland, MA. He was nominated for this award by Academic Dean Amy Allen who shared, "This week during the Advisory period, students were asked to write thank you notes to people and businesses who donated items for the Winter Auction.  Liad worked for an hour straight writing notes, even taking extra cards over from other students to write well more than he was asked. He then took a stack home and worked in the evening (with the help of housemate Francesca Castellini) on finishing all the cards that were left to be written. In the end,  he probably did 25-30 cards all on his own. His attitude was generous and his spirit was kind, and he wasn't doing it to impress anyone but truly just to be helpful. It was incredibly cool."