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Student of the Week -Levi Halley

Congratulations to Levi Halley who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Levi is a 6th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Woodstock, VT. He was nominated for this award by several of his teachers, who had glowing things to say about his performance in their classes. 

Study hall coordinator Donna Reck shared, "I work mostly with the BOOST students, and Levi Halley uses his free time better than the majority.  He will make sure he gets his classwork and homework done before socializing, and he is not on his phone playing games in all of his free time." 

Science teacher Adam Boshart seconded Donna's nomination, "I can agree with Donna and vote for Levi! He comes to class prepared and ready to work. He asks great questions and even helps me research the answers to questions I might not know off the top of my head. Levi's great to have in class!"

English teacher Kate Stone added, "Levi is one of my advisees. During our thank you note session yesterday, he showed a couple other students how to address a letter since many of them had never handwritten a letter before. I’ve only spent a handful of days with Levi, but I can already tell he’s a kind, positive, and hard-working young guy!" 

Art teacher Eric Kuntz nominated Levi as well: "Levi has been so good in art class. He is always on time with his weekly sketchbook assignments. He comes to class ready to be creative, challenged and ready to take on his next project! He's always upbeat and positive."

Science teacher Richard Morse rounded out the nominations, "I nominate Levi Halley.  The toilet paper holders at the school require a certain key to open, and all the KMS keys were lost or broken. When Levi found out, he knew it was a school emergency! He came to the Innovation Lab early and designed a great key using the 3D printer. As soon I got to work today I started to print his design, and the new keys are now ready, so major problems for the whole school have been adverted thanks to Levi's ingenuity and initiative!"

Congratulations, Levi. Excellent work!




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