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Faculty of the Month - Hanne Bailey

Last year, members of Student Council decided to begin a new KMS tradition in the interest of recognizing a faculty member who goes above and beyond for the students and deserves recognition. The organization of voting and announcing the recipient is all student-driven. All of the students in the KMS community vote via a Google Form, and near the end of each month, the award is presented to the winning faculty member at an all-school meeting by a student representative.

An extra twist was added to the award this year, with the winning faculty member getting the privilege of a specially reserved VIP parking spot right up front in the parking lot. A sign designating the honor will be placed out front to ensure that no one else steals the key location!

This month, the very first Faculty of the Month award for the 2018-2019 school year was given to Hanne Bailey, who earned the highest number of votes from the student body. Hanne is the school's learning support specialist, and so much more. Eleventh grade Freestyle athlete Jessica Cohen gave Hanne the award, sharing "This month's Faculty of the Month is someone who does absolutely anything for this school. She is kind and dedicated to students and devoted to helping us succeed on and off the hill. I had the pleasure of having this faculty member come along with my team and me on our recent trip to Apex, BC. Hanne spent two weeks with us; she woke up every morning and helped us make breakfast and get onto the hill on time, she would skin up to our course and cheer us on in training, then go back to our hotel and help us with our homework, and finally would cook us dinner. As you know there aren't many girls on the Freestyle team, and we really enjoyed having Hanne come with us. Hanne is now officially a part of the Bump Gang. This award is a thank you from me and from everyone else in this school for everything you do for us on a daily basis. I know I’m not the only one who wouldn’t know what to do with out you so help me congratulate Hanne Bailey on this month's Faculty of the Month award! You deserve it, Hanne! Thank you!"

Congratulations to an incredible member of the KMS community and team!




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