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Levi Halley - 12/18 Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition- Levi Halley

Presented December 18th

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to present Levi Halley as this week’s Academic Standout! Levi is a 7th grade Boost Alpine athlete, who comes to us from Woodstock VT. Levi received several nominations from his teachers this week, all of whom agree that he is deserving of this recognition due to his disciplined work ethic, maturity, integrity, positive attitude, high work quality, and his overall dedication to his studies.

Levi’s first nomination came from Winter-Term Math and Science teacher Adam Boshart. Adam states, “Levi is an example of integrity. He is always looking to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. He is self motivated and organized, and his ability to be a self advocate is far beyond his years. Levi undoubtedly possesses the tools that will help him be successful at whatever he puts his mind to.”

Student Life Coordinator and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography Full-Term teacher Eric Kuntz seconded the nomination. Eric comments, “Levi has come in to this boost session rocking & rolling. Levi is always on time, up beat. He has been ahead on all his work/project.

Loves to be challenged creatively. And a pleasure to have in class.”

Adding to the nominations, Winter-Term Humanities teacher Partick Graham offers, “In Global Studies Levi has been faced with some challenges, but he has handled each situation with grace and composure. Not only has he completed what I have asked of him, but has been consistently contributing excellent discussion and thought-provoking research. He's become an integral part of our class community. “

Winter-Term English and Study Hall teacher Donna Reck also put forth her nomination for Levi. She states, “Levi Is a great candidate for academic standout! He cares about his grades and works hard to meet his deadlines and to follow directions carefully. He is responsible and respectful, both to his peers and his teachers. He is always willing to lend a hand and he is kind and considerate.”

Innovation Lab and Science teacher Richard Morse also offered his nomination for Levi. Richard notes, “Levi started KMS charged up. He had a terrarium project that he worked with me on. He came in everyday even though we only had class once a week to do work. He added a 3D facade to the terrarium that was very well designed.”

Levi also received a nomination from Winter-Term science teacher Kathy “Gerbil” Stahle. Gerbil writes, “I agree with the nomination of Levi. I have found him to be a hard worker, and very positive and uplifting. He approaches things with a positive, can-do attitude and is willing to participate in everything. He is also kind and caring to everyone in our classes.”

Rounding out this awesome list of nominations is Winter-Term Spanish and French teacher Keri Bristow. Keri comments, “Levi is always positive and upbeat about any task. He willingly engages and tries to do his best. He works above and beyond in French class and contributes positively to the class in every way!”

A well-deserved congratulations goes to Levi this week! We hope that Levi is as proud of himself as we are of him! Way to go, Levi!




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