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Kaylie Fryer - 2/3 Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition- Kaylie Fryer

Presented: 2/3/2020

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Kaylie Fryer as this week’s Academic Standout! Kaylie is an 11th Grade U19/U21 Women’s Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Hamden, Connecticut. Kaylie received exceptionally strong nominations from both her teachers and advisor, all of which recognize her incredible personal character, strong work ethic, and her overall dedication towards academic excellence.

Full-Term Math and Science teacher Allison Resnick was the first to nominate Kaylie. Allison states, “Kaylie has been an amazing student this entire year. She has come in for additional SAT prep work, she’s an active participant in class, and her effort is shown with how well she performs on tests and quizzes. Kaylie stood out even more recently while she was out. It’s easy to get behind when not in school, but Kaylie was completely on top of her work and wanted to take her midterm when the class was taking it even with the possibility of an extension. She is hardworking and driven, and has been a pleasure to have this year in class.”

World Languages Co-Chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen seconded Kaylie’s nomination. Claudia comments, “The author Brené Brown, once said that “Courage, the original definition of courage, when it first came into the English language - it’s from the Latin word COR, meaning heart, and the original definition was to tell the story of whom you are with your whole heart.” Kaylie’s story is one of mighty strength, perseverance, and the will to succeed despite all odds. She is conscientious, hard-working, and self-motivated, always facing the many challenges of learning a new language while putting her heart into everything she does. Congratulations Kaylie on this well-deserved recognition!”

Social Studies Department Co-Chair Courtney O’Keefe also offered her own nomination for Kaylie this week. Courtney writes, “I would also like to put forth a nomination to recognize Kaylie for Academic Standout this week. I have the pleasure of teaching Kaylie in my Introduction to Psychology class this year. From our very first class, Kaylie has demonstrated a high level of dedication towards her study of Psychology. She consistently participates in all class discussions, is never afraid to ask great thought-provoking questions, and continually offers new opinions and perspectives in class, which aid in deeper explorations of any topics being covered. All final products submitted by her for grading are always polished, and it is always obvious with every assignment submitted has had a considerable amount of effort and time put into them. Her written responses are always thoughtful, reflective, and analytical, going beyond surface content to answer the bigger picture “so what?” questions behind the material we are studying. More than once this year Kaylie has said something in class or written in an assignment that has caused me to reflect upon my own understandings and ideas with regards to certain topics. As a teacher, I can tell you that this is incredibly impactful- to learn from one’s students just as much as they learn from you. Overall, Kaylie is a kind and respectful young woman, who faces any and all challenges with a level of grace and grit that many fail to achieve in their lifetimes. I am proud to be Kaylie’s teacher, and I hope that she is proud of all that she continues to accomplish this year in not just Psychology, but in all her classes.”

Rounding out the nominations is World Languages Co-Chair and Social Studies teacher Robert Cavanna. Robert, who is also Kaylie’s advisor, presented this recognition to Kaylie this past Wednesday. Robert states, “I would like to congratulate Kaylie Fryer on being recognized as this week’s KMS Academic Standout. I would especially like to congratulate her on receiving a formal invitation as an invited scholar to the National Youth Leadership Forum on Advanced Medicine and Health Care to be held over the summer at John Hopkins University. This prestigious invitation is awarded to promising high school students who are considering careers in Advanced Medicine and Health Care. Congratulations on both of these well-deserved acknowledgments.”

All powerful nominations for a well-deserving student! Congratulations, Kaylie! Well done!




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