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Mayson Blondek - 2/10 Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition- Mayson Blondek

Presented: 2/10/2020

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to present this week’s Academic Standout: Mayson Blondek. Mayson is a U16 Women’s Alpine athlete, which comes to KMS from Sherborn Massachusetts. Mayson was enthusiastically nominated by several of her teachers. All recognize her exceptional hard work, dedication to both learn content as well as improve her growing academic skills, and overall her kind and supporting nature. All will agree that Mayson is a joy to have in class and a pleasure to teach.

Math Department Chair Brad Ramsay put forth one of the first nominations for Mayson. Brad states, “Mayson is always "present" in math class, is self-motivated, consistently works hard, and clearly wants to learn. She doesn't get behind in her work...even or maybe especially, if struggling with concepts.. She consistently strives for understanding and learning, and is diligent about seeking help when needed (before feeling like she is behind or overwhelmed). As an example, Mayson proactively set herself up with a NHS tutor as soon as she arrived at KMS this fall. She is a genuinely nice person and always positive. In short, Mayson strives for excellence in all that she does, which makes it deeply gratifying for teachers, coaches, and staff to work with her.”

English Department Chair Shayna Miller seconded Mayson’s nomination. She comments, “I would like to second the nomination for Mayson. Her work is consistently of high quality, despite a very busy schedule and her attitude is exemplary for her peers in English 10. And she is very sweet!”

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O’Keefe also put forth her own nomination for Mayson’s work in her US History course. Courtney writes, “I would also like to nominate Mayson Blondek for Academic Standout this week! I have the pleasure of teaching Mayson in my US History course this year. During her time in my classroom, I have come to know Mayson as an exceptionally hard working student, driven not only to succeed, but to also grow as a young academic. She approaches each and every assignment and assessment with a determination to not only produce high quality products, but to also grow her analytical, reflective, reading, and writing skills. Mayson is never afraid to ask questions, to seek clarification, or to engage in conversations with both myself and her peers to help better her understanding of any of the materials subjects being covered. Like many of my students this year, Mayson has a very busy travel and competition schedule. She does not let this get in the way of her academics, showcasing her to be a student which embraces both the roles of athlete and student. She communicates frequently when she is not going to be in class, makes sure she completes all that is assigned to her during these travel periods, and makes plans when she returns to meet with me to make sure she has accomplished what was expected. Overall, Mayson is a great student with a passion to learn and a drive to grow. She is a pleasure to have in class and her positive nature is one which impacts all those around her for the better! A very deserving student this week for Academic Standout! Nice work, Mayson!”

World Languages Co-Chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen rounded out these awesome nominations with her own. Claudia reflects, “I am so proud of Mayson. Since her transition into our Spanish class, she has shown a continued willingness to excel, tackling the many challenges of learning a second language not only with determination, but also with a positive attitude, and many smiles! She is thoughtful, conscientious and focused, in class and independently while she is away training and competing. Keep up the great work Mayson!”

Awesome work, Mayson! Be proud of yourself as we are of you and your exceptional hard work!




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