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Megan Bianchi - 3/2 Academic Standout

Academic Standout- Megan Bianchi

Presented: March 2nd, 2020

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Megan Bianchi as this week’s Academic Standout! Megan is a 9th grade U16 Women’s Alpine athlete, which comes to us from Hingham Massachusetts. Megan is recognized for her strong work ethic, high level of inquiry, and her ability to both meet and surpass classroom expectations. All her teachers agree that she is an exceptionally strong student, and is both a pleasure as well as asset to have in any class.

Winter-Term Math teacher Steve Tuckerman was the first to put forth a nomination for Ms. Bianchi for her work in Geometry. Steve reflects, “Megan is a self starter, extremely good math student.”

Winter-Term French teacher Keri Bristow seconded the nomination for Megan. Keri writes, “I also would like to nominate Megan Bianchi for Academic Standout. I have many reasons for supporting Megan’s recognition. I rarely see her as she has many races that she participates in, but she always has her work ready. She is in contact with her homeschool without my prompting, she emails me with questions, never makes excuses, and consistently turns in quality work. When I ask her to come check in, even when it's not her class time, she always does. She is in a class of 1, which for foreign language is intense, and she makes the time go by quite fast (I have her on Friday afternoons, for a double block at the end of the day!).”

Winter-Term Health and Science teacher Kathy “Gerbil” Stahle also put forth a nomination for Megan. Gerbil comments, “I have Megan as a student and an advisee. Megan is a strong student able to complete work independently even with her busy schedule. She is very respectful and cooperative as well as flexible and adaptable to the work that needs to be done. She is truly a pleasure to work with in class and school. She always has a smile for everyone.”

Winter-Term Social Studies teacher Paul Andriscin supported Megan’s nomination. Paul states, “Meghan has continually shown an ability to learn and retain information in our World History course. She seems genuinely interested in whatever we are studying and completes her reading assignments on time.”

Rounding out these awesome nominations is Winter-Term Humanities teacher Patrick Graham. Patrick adds, “Megan is an absolute asset to English class. She continuously drives and elevates our daily discussions. Thus causing everyone, including myself, to think at a higher level.”

A well-deserved recognition this week! Congratulations, Megan!




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