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Halston Wilkey - 3/23 Academic Standout

Academic Standout- Halston Wilkey

Presentation on March 23rd, 2020

Write-up by Courtney O’Keefe and Emily Hudson

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Halston Wilkey as this week’s Academic Standout! Halston is an 11th grade U19/U21 Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Harvard, Massachusetts. Halston’s nomination was enthusiastically put forth by several of his teachers, who highly value this young man’s strong work ethic, consistency in work quality, drive to improve, and his leadership in the classroom.

World Languages teacher and Global Citizen Program Coordinator Malen Agin presented this recognition during our virtual all-school meeting this past Monday. She was the first to put forth Halston’s name for recognition with regards to his work in their Spanish course. Malena writes, “Being the only student in a language class is no easy task. The expectations are high and there is, truly, nowhere to hide. It is easy to overlook the accomplishments of students in a one-on-one setting and so this is why I'm excited for this week's nomination. Thank you, Halston, for showing up. Week after week, I see growth in the product of your work, in the questions you ask, and in the arguments we often have on Spanish grammar (I really do look forward to these!). ¡Felicitaciones!”

English teacher Nate Clifford seconded Halston’s nomination. Nate comments, “Halston has impressed and surprised me consistently this year. I have been impressed with his consistent work-ethic, both in staying focused and guiding deep discussions around archaic text, but also in his writing and most importantly rewriting. Halston never settles for adequate and regularly brings the rest of us up when we begin to sound complacent. While I am impressed with his studentship, it is the surprising way that he helps keep others focused while demanding a deeper challenge that has earned him my deepest respect and admiration. Well done Halston.”

Math and Science teacher Allison Resnick put forth her own nomination for Halston for his work in her math class. Allison states, “Halston is a very bright math student. He is a hard worker and a leader in the classroom. Halston is always striving to do better no matter how well he does. During this transition period he has been focused and ready to learn, which is extremely helpful!”

Science Department Chair Terri Isidro chimed in shortly with her own nomination. She reflects, “Halston gives his best effort in Honors Chemistry. He is a leader in the class, and always is stepping up to help other students.”

Rounding out this list of nominations is Social Studies Department Co-Chair Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney writes, “I would also like to put forth my own Academic Standout nomination for Halston's work in my Psychology course. Halston is a bright young academic with a natural sense of curiosity, which lends itself well to the study of Psychology with its focus on the exploration of the human mind and behavior. Halston's natural inquisitiveness aids in his exploration of any and all topics covered in class. He always seeks to go beyond the surface information to really understand a psychological concept from multiple perspectives. He then takes these understandings and perspectives to understand the world and people around him with a more open-mind as well as willingness to understand, two skill sets that will aid him well when he moves out into the world to become a contributing global citizen. He is one student that I know will ask great, thought-provoking questions, which allow all those in the class, including myself, to explore our own understandings of human thinking and behavior more critically and through different perspectives. He is a leader- quick to clarify instructions or help answer questions posed by his peers. He is also someone which uses each and every assignment as a means to improve upon his already strong academic skills. For Halston, assignments and assessments are more than just grades, they are a means to improve as well as grow his academic skills to the next level. He is driven and highly motivated, and it is apparent that he gives each and every assignment and assessment his all. From the teacher perspective, this is greatly appreciated! A real asset to have in any classroom and a pleasure to teach! Congrats, Halston! A well-deserved recognition!”

Congratulations, Halston! You have made us all very proud! Another great addition to our Academic Standouts this year!




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