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COVID-19 KMS Academic Update, 3-27 and KMS Response to Gov. Scott's Announcement

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students -

With one more week of Winter Term, we have found ways to be our best.

KMS teachers and students have adapted very quickly:

  • All-school meeting continues via Google Meet

  • Advisors are meeting virtually with their advisees

  • House team challenges continue online

  • Personalized learning is ongoing

  • Creativity and collaboration are improving our pedagogy

  • Parents are now partners in teaching

  • Compassion and care for one another is at the center of everything

To give one example, Richard made a crazy video that he posted on youtube to provide a creative way to illustrate measurement conversions: How fast does Stella run in miles per hour if Stella runs at 4 feet per second, and she chases a sled for 250 seconds? How many feet is the sled run? How long would the sled run be if it lasted 1 hour? For brave students with exceptional math skills, you can post your answers on teamKMS.

As you saw in Tao’s email last night, Governor Scott directed school districts to continue remote learning for the remainder of the school year. He further ordered the Agency of Education to continue its consultation with the Department of Health to advise as this response develops regarding school openings for some or all end of year activities. We are saddened by this decision but also know that it is the right thing to do.

Our teachers are prepared to continue with remote courses through the end of the year. We will, however, take the first week of April break to determine logistics such as daily schedule, ideal number of “in-person” class meetings, and to articulate online Classroom behavior expectations.

Stay tuned for a big announcement about our Winter Term Awards Ceremony. Block your calendar now for 6pm next Friday night!

We will continue to find balance in the face of rapidly evolving events “with a finish line that gets pushed back daily.” Our “collective grief” is countered by our commitment.

Take care,


April Hayden

Director of Academics




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