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Innovative learning is FUN

Richard Morse who directs the KMS middle school as well as the STEAM room recently checked in from Reading about some of his recent class work (in between making maple syrup!)

Richard writes:

I really like classes that:

1) Have a lesson with me talking (listening)

2) Require students to look at Google classroom and follow directions (reading)

3) Go off on their own to do something (kinesthetic / individual thought) (creativity)

4) Gather back and present their work ( fun and exciting communication)

5) Use the work from everyone to make a final point (collaboration)(critical thinking)

In the Amplified Humans class we are working on:

- Development of skills over time

- Mapping

- Make a pirate map ****As simple and fun as this activity is, it teaches orienting a map and measuring distances (paces) It was a great activity that got students moving around following directions and showcasing their work and environment to their peers. The students loved showing areas around their homes and we all loved being part of the secret treasure hunt!

In the STEAM class we are working on:

- Coding

- Pixar simulators

- Make a hand

We learned about subdivisions and 3d shapes and the students were having a blast. We applied knowledge from other disciplines like math and art and science and then as a wrap up thought about what the simulator would help with in real life. Hadley said "we could build a landscape and show how it erodes over time" using the simulator. Every student had time to share their work on their screens which was a blast. Something about creating strange hands was hilarious.

Richard Morse Innovative Teacher Science / Math / Engineering




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