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Hadley Reed - 3/30 Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition - Hadley Reed

Presented March 30, 2020

Written by Courtney O'Keefe and Emily Hudson

The KMS teaching faculty are proud to recognize Hadley Reed as this week’s Academic Standout! Hadley is a U12 Alpine athlete, which comes to us from Hingham, Massachusetts. Haldey was nominated by several of her teachers for her exceptional work ethic, her natural curiosity, and her passion for learning. All agree that this young woman deserves this recognition and should be proud of all that she has accomplished this year.

Winter-Term Humanities teacher Patrick Graham presented Hadley’s recognition at the all-school meeting this Monday and was one of the first to put forth his own nomination for Hadley for her work in his English class. Patrick states, “I’m really excited to be presenting this week’s academic standout award to Hadley Reed. Hadley could, without a doubt, be a contender for this award every week of the year with the consistent and quality work she puts in. In English class she has been working diligently on her assignments and not only completing them, but really pushing the boundaries of our discussions and the process of persuasive writing.”

Winter-Term French Teacher Keri Bristow seconded the nomination for Hadley. She comments, “Hadley Reed is a motivated, thoughtful and diligent student in French. She leads by example, always has her work done ahead of time, and is on track with her home school. She also knows how to have fun, laugh, and enjoy her classmates! She has been a great student in French class, merci beaucoup!”

Science teacher Richard Morse also put forth his support for Hadley’s recognition. Richard reflects, “Hadley is quiet, but passionate about learning. She puts a lot of thought into every assignment or project, and always adds high quality standards to her work. For STEAM class she had several lofty project goals, tight deadlines and many challenges to overcome. She never gave up and persevered with both determination and organization. It was amazing to work with Hadley!”

Hadley’s Academic Advisor and Winter-Term Science teacher Kathy “Gerbil” Stahle enthusiastically forth a nomination for Hadley as well. Gerbil writes, ““I am so happy Hadley is getting this. I have worked with her in her Science 6 class and as her advisor. She is such a strong independent learner and worked so hard to complete her assignments as well as to move ahead in her work. She has a good mind for science. She tackles her challenges and perseveres to completion. Hadley was not afraid to try new things and even became good at working a drill press. Hadley also demonstrated that she has a gentle, kind side in working with other students and staff. She was truly a pleasure to work with at KMS. I believe she will accomplish great things in the future.”

Rounding out this incredible list of nominations is Winter-Term Humanities teacher Jane O’Neal. Jane comments, “I want to thank Hadley for making our winter-term history class a great experience for all of us. Her knowledge of history and current events is outstanding and her capacity for knowledge appears to be limitless. She usually completed her assignments on the day they were given, and continuously impressed us with her research and writing abilities. She created Stonehenge completely to scale and illustrated the concept of asymmetrical warfare with a detailed diorama from the French and Indian War.”

A well-deserved recognition this week! Congrats, Hadley! We are VERY proud of you!




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