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Ryan Rupprecht - 3/30 Academic Standout

Academic Standout- Ryan Rupprecht

Presented on March 30th, 2020

Written by Courtney O’Keefe and Emily Hudson

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Ryan Rupprecht as this week’s Academic Standout! Ryan is a U19/U21 Alpine athlete, who comes to us from Weston, Connecticut. Ryan was nominated by several of his teachers, who applaud this young academic’s strong work ethic, dedication to his studies, and his ability to balance higher level classes and his athletics. All feel he best represents the qualities associated with this academic recognition.

World Languages Department Co-Chair and Global Citizen Program Coordinator Claudia Revenko-Bowen was the first to put forth an enthusiastic nomination for Ryan. Claudia states, “AP classes provide students a unique opportunity to study a subject matter at a college undergraduate level. Although there may be various rewards to preparing and passing the test, it takes considerable initiative and quite a bit of motivation to get through the numerous assignments and assessments. As a student-athlete, the process becomes a lot more demanding and challenging because of time constraints due to training and competitions. It is remarkable how Ryan has been able to keep up with all the AP Spanish Language and Culture tasks while at school and away, never skipping a beat throughout his stay at KMS. As a resourceful problem-solver and independent, committed learner, he always takes ownership of his work, while making sure to reach out for support when needed. Great work this year Ryan! ¡Excelente trabajo!”

English teacher Nate Clifford seconded Ryan’s nomination. Nate comments, “Ryan is a delight. While I admit to constantly adjusting my expectations due to the nature of competitions and travel at KMS, Ryan Ruprecht is the first student who has come to me and suggested that reading be done outside of class. He is communicative and honest, when he tells me something will be done - it is. He always comes prepared and ready to work. But aside from being an exemplary student, Ryan brings a personal connection and curiosity to the text that is refreshing and captivating. Yes, he is exceedingly intelligent. But I so often lose track of our forty-five minutes because I am enraptured in his insights and unsolicited responses to the text. With Ryan, it doesn't seem to matter if he is reading for school or not, his quiet curiosity is with him always. He is always engaged. He is, quite simply, an utter delight.”

Winter-Term Math teacher Steve Tuckerman also nominated Ryan for his work in Pre-Calculus. Steve writes, “Ryan has been applying himself in Pre-Calculus all year. His superior effort has allowed him to do well in class.”

Winter-Term Social Studies teacher Paul Andriscin also supported Ryan’s nomination. Paul briefly reflects, “Ryan has been an excellent student in AP History throughout the winter-term.”

Rounding out Ryan’s nomination is Winter-Term Math and Science teacher Donna Brewster. Donna states, “If I had to give a student the most improved award, without a doubt it would be Ryan. Having a rough start to the winter term, Ryan has demonstrated excellent perseverance in physics and never giving up. Though the problems can be quite challenging, Ryan has put tremendous effort into understanding the problems, asking great questions and doing a terrific job in going above and beyond on his homework. Great job, Ryan!!”

Congratulations, Ryan! Your hard work is greatly appreciated! You have made the teaching faculty very proud!




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