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Coronavirus Haiku

As part of her SAT test prep class, English Department Chair Shayna Miller asked students to compose creative haiku that included at least 10 SAT vocabulary words:

Wyatt left the chat

Shayna told his birth giver

Wyatt got a spankin

Corona go away

you ruined the summer day

I just want to play

This sickness is tough

the elders have had enough

the Chinese don’t bluff

First it was a rat

Coronavirus attack

What was in that bat

By Stevie

This is very annoying

Rona is imperious

Why did this happen

Slumped every single day

School is very didactic

No better to do

Modern Warfare lit

Hackneyed the internet is

Wasting Everyday

Corona is bad

We need to preclude this thing

Stay at home not out

What do I do now

Classes, video games no more

Time to go to bed

By Halston




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