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COVID-19 KMS Academic Update, 4-3

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students,

Thank you for being partners in teaching and learning these past few weeks! For full-term families, this collaboration will continue throughout the end of the year.

We are uniquely prepared for the latest challenge, and our teachers will use the upcoming two-week break to fine-tune pedagogy within their current Google Classrooms. You should see a balanced blend of face-to-face time and robust independent work outside of class meetings.

The spring schedule is in the works and will be shared soon. Courses will shift back to the first part of the day, with athletic time in the afternoon. Please note that a class on the schedule means that the class is meeting virtually. There will be no final exam week this year; classes will end on June 5.

We have published an updated KMS Academic and Online Honor Code. Please review this with your student, download, print and sign - or sign electronically with Adobe Reader, and email to Specifically, we ask that you help establish routines and productive work spaces within your homes.

We will “meet” again next Friday the 10th at 6pm to recognize and honor the good work that our student-athletes have accomplished thus far. More details about this live event will be forthcoming.

Although very different, our school year is not over. We are looking forward to the focused and productive thoughts and behaviors that change will bring.

Take care, and thanks again,


April Hayden

Director of Academics




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