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Academic Standout - Asa Toms

Date of Recognition: October 11th, 2023

House Team: Bear

Faculty Presenter: Courtney O’Keefe

Advisor: Ana Araguas

Sport: U16 Men Alpine

Please join the KMS teaching faculty in congratulating Asa Toms as the first Academic Standout of the 2023-2024 academic year! For those who are new to our community, this recognition is presented throughout the year to students who demonstrate a strong commitment and drive towards excellence within the classroom. This recognition is given by our amazing educators, who are proud to acknowledge the hard work and dedication they see within their classrooms. Our recipient this week, Asa, is a 10th grade U16 Men’s Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Bethlehem, New Hampshire. He was nominated by several of his teachers, who recognize on a daily basis this young man’s amazing character, drive to learn, and selflessness- all factors which make him an incredible asset to any learning community.

Stepping forward to provide the first nomination for Asa this week is Academic Director Liz Cardiasmenos. Liz states, “I was able to first meet Asa through the admissions process and I was impressed right away by how he communicated both self-sufficiently and effectively. He scheduled and attended his own google meet over the summer to schedule his classes, self-advocating to set up his academics for sophomore year. Asa is a self-starter when it comes to his school work. He took a weekend to create a video edit of his classmates competing in the Fox Open as a project for his video production class and the final product is fantastic! Overall, Asa takes advantage of all that KMS has to offer, working productively in academics, putting in his best during athletics and always has a positive, friendly disposition interacting with students and faculty throughout the day.”

Seconding Asa’s nomination is World Languages teacher Ana Araguas. Ana writes, “Asa is a person of integrity, kindness, and compassion. He treats everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or beliefs. He is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need and is actively involved during class. He has a deep sense of social responsibility and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the KMS community.”

Putting forth her own nomination for Asa is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Advisory Coordinator Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney reflects, “It is wonderful to have Asa as part of my Early American History class this year. As a student, Asa is highly engaged and motivated to do his best every class. When he steps into my classroom it is always with a positive attitude, a readiness to ask questions as well as participate in class discussion, and a dedication to be one of the first to help out others. His work shows a high level of effort and consideration, as well as a level of thoughtfulness that makes him a true asset to a Social Studies classroom. It has been great hearing (as well as reading) his ideas related to the topics we have covered so far this year as they have brought many new ideas to the forefront for both his peers as well as myself to consider as we continue to look at our nation's colonial history. This has allowed us to really dive deeper into the content we are studying, which has aided in expanding all of our learning. Overall, Asa continues to surpass our course's daily expectations through his academic drive and focus. He is also an incredibly kind as well as humble young man, who is genuinely grateful for his time in the classroom. When he says "thank you" you can tell that he truly means it. I am excited to see what the rest of the year will bring as he continues to be a mindful and positive presence in my classroom. Excellent work, Asa! Thank you for being a great addition to my classroom. I can think of no better student to recognize first this year for Academic Standout. Be proud :)”

Adding to this amazing list of nominations is Sports Performance and Psychology Specialist Jess Sardelli. Jess states, “It’s been wonderful having Asa as a part of the KMS Community! Since his arrival, he’s been focused and determined to push forward, even through injury. In class, he’s eager to learn and contribute. He is quickly becoming a reliable, upstanding member of our community with true leadership qualities. Keep up the hard work, Asa!”

And putting forth the last nomination is Student Life Director and Sport Nutrition teacher Courtney Harvey. Courtney writes, “Asa has been great to have on campus and in the Sport Nutrition class. He is always honest, smiling, and putting forward his best effort. Even when Asa is having a hard day or feeling frustrated he reaches out to his support system and does his best to learn and overcome. He is an excellent role model member of our KMS community.”

Please join us in congratulating Asa Toms as our Academic Standout this week! We are incredibly proud of the work this young man has been doing within our classrooms. We look forward to seeing what else he brings as the year progresses. Congrats, Asa!





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