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Academic Standout: Owen Ballard

Student Name: Owen Ballard

House Team: Ramshead

Date of Presentation: January 25th, 2023

Faculty Presenter: Richard Morse

Please join the KMS faculty in congratulating Owen Ballard as this week’s Academic Standout! Owen is a Full-Term Endurance Cycling athlete, who comes to KMS from Cortlandt Manor, New York. Owen received several strong nominations this week from his teachers, each recognizing not only his academic successes within the classroom, but also his positive as well as meaningful impact to our school community. Hard working, thoughtful, selfless, and determined, Owen will always be the type of student which exemplifies the best of what KMS has to offer.

First to put forth a nomination for Owen this week is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger. Ian states, “Owen has been stellar since day one. As a student in my class as well as a member of the KMS Student Council, Owen goes above and beyond any expectations. He is a constant participant in conversations, and is always looking to move the school forward as an advocate for his peers. Examples of his hard work for our community include: overseeing the student suggestion box/Google Form, getting a Netflix account for the dorm, helping to get flood lights for the rail garden out back of the school, and assisting with the prom committee

Similar to his involvement in Student Council, Owen also seeks to get involved in class discussion, probing with questions that push conversation into the deeper, long-term relevance to our current world, particularly as it relates to the conflict in Ukraine. Last week, we watched 30 minutes of a podcast in class that broke down the bigger picture of this conflict. Owen proceeded to listen to the last hour and a half of the podcast on his own time, then found me at lunch the next day to discuss his analysis. From one self-described history nerd to another: Congratulations Owen!”

Seconding this nomination is Innovative teacher Richard Morse. Richard writes, “Owen is a reliable student; he is always on time and puts effort into responses, homework, and discussions. He has been a good leader, who speaks up and models respect when other students lose focus or act inappropriately. He gets excited about a variety of topics and can overcome challenges and tedious, but necessary tasks.”

Also, supporting Owen’s nomination is English Department Chair Shayna Miller. Shayna reflects, “Owen is a talented writer and storyteller, who continues to impress me during our memoir unit. His positive outlook, kindness and willingness to entertain new perspectives make him a valued member of our English class. Congrats Owen, and keep spinning those yarns!”

Math Department Co-Chair Allison Resnick also stepped forward with her own nomination of Owen. Allison writes, “Owen has been a pleasure to have in class all year. He is always ready to learn and eager to keep going further in the material. When Owen doesn't understand a topic, he always reaches out for assistance or requests more practice. He is a light-hearted leader who understands when it's time to focus. This recognition is well deserved!”

And lastly, rounding out this amazing list of nominations is Spanish teacher Ana Araguas. Ana comments, “Owen is an excellent choice for this week's Academic Standout. As a person, Owen is incredibly kind and selfless. He is one of the first to step forward to help anyone without being asked, is always positive and ready to learn, and is one of the first to greet everyone, both in and out of class. As a student, Owen really likes Spanish and always puts in his best effort to challenge himself. He genuinely wants to learn and do his best. From my perspective, it can be said that success is his middle name.”

A well-earned and well-deserved recognition this week! Congratulations, Owen! Nice work as always- be proud!





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