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Academic Standout- Toren Gleiman

Academic Standout Write-Up

Student Name: Toren Gleiman

Presentation Date: 12/14th

Presenter: Adam Boshart

House Team: Ramshead

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Toren Gleiman as our Academic Standout for this week! Toren is a Downhill Mountain Biking athlete, who comes to KMS from Ludlow, Vermont. Toren received several nominations from his teachers, all of whom agree that he is a true asset to both the classroom as well as the overall KMS community. From his creativity to his thoughtful as well as impactful participation in class discussions, Toren continues to prove himself a strong as well as capable young academic within our academic program.

The First to nominate Toren, as well as present for him at this week’s advisory, is Full-Term Math and Science teacher Adam Boshart. Adam states, “Toren is always the first person in Earth Science and Lab Methods, looking productive and waiting patiently. It’s always nice having a few minutes to catch up with Toren while waiting for the rest of the class to mosey in. In the rare circumstances that he is not able to attend class, communication is early and clear, not only mentioning that he won’t be there but also, “What can I do to stay on track?” Then, he will immediately find a way to make up missed notes and classwork and turn it in EARLY! It is clear that Toren cares about his academics. For a few weeks I was behind on grading he asked the question, “How can I get my grade to go up? I’ve been trying, but I can’t get it to go above 97%.” Well, now it’s gone up 2 points after the hard work he put in, not just this month, but consistently all year. Great work Toren, you don’t just get this award, you’ve downright earned it!”

Supporting this nomination is Richard Morse, KMS’ Innovative teacher for Math, Science, and Engineering. Richard reflects, “To sum up Toren in a nutshell: he submits terrific quality work, has outstanding judgment, is highly creative, demonstrates extraordinary integrity, and is notable for his self-discipline.”

Also putting forth a nomination is Student Life Director, Golf Program Director, and Studio Art/Graphic Design/ Photography teacher Eric Kuntz. Eric writes, “Toren is a very creative thinker. Toren is always on-time, and is a pleasure to teach in class. He joined Studio Art in the second quarter, and right away started a large scale zentangle drawing incorporating his creative talents with his interest in doodling patterns. His first of many pieces to come can be seen on display in the hallway of Art.”

And round out this amazing list of nominations is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger. Ian states, “Toren has been excellent in my Honors Modern World History class this year. Being in the honors section entails an uptick in both workload and expectations to which Toren has met, and exceeded expectations. On a daily basis, Toren is an active participant in class discussion, offering both meaningful and in-depth thoughts to drive conversation forward, and to help explain the proverbial "so what?" in regards to the subject matter in question. Overall, Toren has been a great addition to the KMS community!”

Join us in congratulating Toren for his strong academic achievements! We are incredibly proud of you, Toren! Keep up the amazing work!





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