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Alice Padilha- KMS Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition

Date: February 7th, 2022

Student: Alice Padilha

House Team: Skye Peak

Presenter: Ian Groezinger

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to acknowledge Alice Padilha as this week’s Academic Standout. Alice is a U16 Women’s Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from New Canaan, Connecticut. Alice received several nominations from her teachers, who enthusiastically recognized this young academic’s authentic dedication to her studies, her passion to both learn and create, as well as the profound positive impacts she brings within the classroom as well as the greater KMS community.

Putting forth the first nomination for Alice, as well as presenting for her during this week’s all-school meeting, is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger. Ian reflects, “In the end, the progression I have seen from this individual is uncharted. From a student who would rarely participate in class, to one who now sits front row, always ready to speak her mind. She is even talking about making an impassioned bid to be a Student Council Representative next year. Please join us all in congratulating Alice for being recognized as this week’s Academic Standout!”

Seconding Alice’s nomination is English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford. Nate writes, “Alice brings with her genuine interest a quirky sense of humor which often brings our class to life. Recently she wrote a sonnet, following the Petrarchan structure, she was tasked with developing a conflict between two opposite themes. Tapping into her passion, she quickly scribbled what would become a masterwork of rhyme (and reason) describing the current battle between Wendy's and McDonald's. According to her masterful lyrical poetry: she was "a little bit parched so [she] went to the double golden arch, [but she] got a Mc Flurry as [she] was in a hurry. Then [She] got really sendy and [she] went to Wendys" Unfortunately for her stomach, Wendy's was no match for the Double Golden Arch, and her resolution described her venomous resentment in glorious rhyme. Her natural sense of joy and humor establishes her talent and our appreciation during the winter months. Whether she be reading her characters with a struggling Australian accent, or slapping her brother during a particularly intense speech, Alice brings her sense of wonder and joy to all that she does - much to the beneficial smirks of the rest of us. :)”

Math, Science, Engineering, and Innovative teacher Richard Morse also supported Alice’s nomination this week. Richard states, “I nominated Alice because recently she has been very present in class. She is focused, interested in the material covered, asks lots of pertinent questions and actively applies the knowledge to her life."

And rounding out this amazing list of nominations is World Languages teacher and Admissions and Advancement Coordinator Liz Cardiasmenos. Liz writes, “I support Alice’s nomination- she has really become serious about her learning, especially this year as she joined our full-term curriculum. She knows how to arrive on time and be ready to work. She has learned a lot about how she learns in and out of the classroom, demonstrating maturity, dedication and grit. She applies feedback and seeks clarification in class. Très bon travail Alice!”

Congratulations, Alice! We are incredibly proud of all your hard work and dedication!





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