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October 18th Academic Standout- Rhi Lubaszewski

Academic Standout Recognition

Date: October 18th, 2021

Student: Rhiannon Lubaszewski

House Team: Bear Mountain

Presenter: Kate Stone

The KMS teaching faculty is excited to begin another year

of academic recognitions! The year is starting off strong with our nomination of Rhiannon Lubaszewski for this week’s Academic Standout! Rhi is a 10th grade U19/U21 Women’s Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Rutland, Vermont! Rhi was enthusiastically nominated by her teachers this week, each commenting on Rhi’s strong passion to learn, her incredibly kind nature, and her dedication to improving each and every class. It is agreed that Rhi is a tremendous asset to all our classrooms as well as our overall school community, and is a true role model for our younger student-athletes to follow.

Offering the first nomination is Sports and Performance Psychology Specialist and Wellness Coordinator Jessica Sardelli. Jess writes, “Rhi is a dedicated, motivated, and resilient student-athlete. In the classroom, she's respectful, collaborative, and a true role model for younger students. Already this year in sports psychology, Rhi takes the time to fully understand our readings, ask questions, and relate our topics to an impressive level to her personal sport experience. What especially stood out to me was her collaborative nature with fellow students to understand the material and help them relate it to their personal experiences.

She is most deserving of the recognition as our first Academic Standout!”

Seconding this nomination is Social Students Department Co-Chair Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney reflects, “It is a pleasure to put forth a nomination for Rhi for Academic Standout this week. I can think of no better student to start our year off with regards to this recognition! I have the pleasure of teaching Rhi in Early American History this year. She is an incredible student, who is highly motivated, naturally driven, and genuinely passionate about learning. Although she will be the first to admit that history isn’t her favorite subject, she continues to take every class in stride, focusing hard to both navigate as well as understand the sometimes complex historical topics, themes, and events that are at the foundation of our nation’s beginning. She is an exceptionally strong critical thinker, a thoughtful participator, and an open perspective taker. As a member of our classroom community, Rhi is respectful, thoughtful, as well as helpful to her fellow classmates. More than once I have watched her as she has helped out those around her with questions related to HW’s as well as technology. She is always the first one to give a kind word, a statement of support, and a gesture of genuine concern. Every day that I have her in class proves that she is a much appreciated and valued member of our school community. I am very lucky to count her as one of my students this year. Congratulations, Rhi! You continue to make us all very proud!”

Adding to this amazing list of nominations is Full-Term World Languages faculty and Advancement and Admissions Coordinator Liz Cardiasmenos. Liz comments, “What I noticed right away about Rhi was her courage and persistence. I met her across a crowded lunch table a few days before classes started and she admitted right away that French 2 was "making her freak out the most" out of all of her classes. Nevertheless she showed up on day one and pushed herself to comprehend what she could, use context and cognates to find meaning in what she didn't yet know and push herself to speak, despite her nervousness. She has already improved her speaking and comprehension as well as her confidence in French. In addition to her effort and progress during class time, she also demonstrates responsibility and effort in the work and practice she does on homework assignments. Rhi is an exemplar in facing her fears, pushing herself and improving because of this!”





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