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October 18th Black Bear Award- Matt Krimmel

Black Bear Award Recognition

Presented: October 18th, 2021

Name: Matt Krimmel

House Team: Skye Team

Presented by: Courtney O’Keefe

This year the KMS faculty is proud to bring back our Black Bear Community Award! This award was created as a way to recognize the student-athletes, who go above and beyond through both action and word for their school community. These individuals embrace a genuine passion for community, seeking without thought of recognition or award to leave a place better than they found it. This award is nominated by the KMS faculty, and is awarded when warranted. This week we are proud to recognize Matt Krimmel as this year’s first Black Bear Community Award recipient! Matt is a Senior Downhill MTB athlete, who comes to KMS from Norwich, VT. Matt was nominated for this recognition by several of the KMS faculty, each of which highlight this young man’s overwhelming generosity as well as his selflessness.

Putting forth the first nomination for Matt is Freestyle Mogul Program Director/Head Coach Kris Pepe. Kris states, “The "Krim Dawg", Mattew Krimmel, loaned me his race bike for the Freestyle Team's first ever DH MTB practice. Matt's generosity not only made it possible for me to participate in the practice, but also ensured that I would be outfitted with the very best equipment (I was told many many times by many many people how "sick" the bike was. I also learned that Jason isn't even allowed to ride it). Though I'm not sure I gave the bike the ride it deserved, we had a blast. When I returned the bike to Matt and thanked him, he said "That's what it's all about- sharing what we love so others can enjoy it like we do." Pretty cool.”

Seconding this nomination is Student Life Coordinator and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz. Eric reflects, “I also put forth a nomination for Matt for the Black Bear Award. Matt is always helpful in the dorm. When asked to help out with clearing/picking up after others, he does it without complaining and always goes the extra mile.”

U14 Alpine Head Coach and KMS Soccer Coach Craig Bennett also supported Matt’s nomination. Craig comments, “I will also like to nominate Matt. The other day he graciously assisted Paddy and I while we were preparing to paint one of the flex rooms. He basically said,"I have a few minutes, can I help?". A great example of a member of the KMS Community.”

Adding to this list is U19 Alpine and Downhill MTB Coach Michael Hirschbuhl. Michael writes, “I third Matt. He helped Cole Longfield rebuild his mountain bike a few days ago. He helps cook at bike races, and always makes sure his teammates equipment is ready to go, all without being asked. He’s a great team player, and I agree with Craig that he exemplifies the KMS spirit!”

Rounding out this impressive list of nominations is English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford. Nate states, “Matt Krimmel consistently displays the collaborative care of his group. Whether it's bringing in freshly baked banana-bread loaves, or shaking his booty like he was born to perform, Krimmel is widely celebrated among his peers for his ability to pick them back up and dust them off when they need it most. The number of moments Matt has inspired me with his passion and personal interest have changed many of my lessons.”

Taking the final word, Matt’s advisor and Cultural Anthropology teacher Courtney O’Keefe offers the following: “As Matt’s advisor, the reflections above do not surprise me. Matt is an incredible community member, who is highly valued and genuinely appreciated by those around him. He is a strong part of the heartbeat that is KMS. We continue to be lucky to have such an individual within our community. Whether we call him friend, classmate, teammate, and student, he is a part of what makes this community so special. Congratulations, Matt! A well-deserved recognition!”





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