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Owen Ballard- 3/15 Academic Standout

Academic Standout for March 15th, 2021

Academic Standout: Owen Ballard

Presented by Christy Harris

Written by Courtney O’Keefe

The KMS teaching faculty are proud to present this week’s Academic Standout: Owen Ballard! Owen is a 10th grade cycling athlete, who comes to KMS from Cortlandt Manor, New York. Owen was recognized for his engagement, creativity, and overall dedication to his studies.

Full-Term World Languages teacher Christy Harris was the first to enthusiastically step forward with a nomination for Owen, as well as present for him this past all-school meeting. Christy states, “Owen Ballard is this week’s academic standout. In Spanish class, Owen greets new material with genuine interest and curiosity and is consistently engaged and attentive. He has embraced writing in his second language and completes assignments with detail and creativity. Congrats Owen!”

Math Department Chair Brad Ramsay seconded this nomination. Brad comments, “Owen Ballard consistently completes his homework and works hard in math. I support his nomination.”

Social Studies Department Co-Chair Courtney O’Keefe also put forth a nomination for Owen. Courtney writes, “I would also like to put forth a nomination for Owen Ballard for Academic Standout this week! It has been a pleasure having Owen in my United States history course this year. Since our first day of class, Owen has impressed me with his dedication to his studies and his overall positive approach to the study of US history. He always comes to class ready to learn, and is always ready with a question or two as we explore major events and historical figures connected to our units of study. He takes every assignment and assessment in stride, focusing on not only doing his best, but also improving upon his skills as a growing academic. He also is one of the few who always sees the value in what we are studying, acknowledging as well as embracing the fact that past events impact and influence the present. This ability to make these bigger picture connections between our nation's past and present have definitely added a level of depth to many of our explorations of US history this year, and has greatly benefitted all in the class including myself. Owen has also consistently participated in every class, oftentimes beginning, as well as leading, whole classroom and small group discussions. He is not afraid to take charge on a project or group assignment, and is always game to help out his peers with regards to such matters as understanding HW instructions or how to overcome a tech obstacle. Overall, I am very thankful to have such a hard working and committed student such as Owen within my classroom this year. I would also like to take a moment to also say that it has been a pleasure being Owen's advisor this year as well. As his advisor, I have come to know Owen as an exceptionally kind and caring young man. He is thoughtful and reflective, and is someone who takes change and challenge in stride. He is both a leader and team player within our classrooms, is a great friend to those closest to him, and is a great addition to our overall school community. I am very proud of everything he has accomplished this year and hope that he is just as proud of himself as well. Congrats, Owen! “

Nice work, Owen! Great job! We are proud of you!





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