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Sarah Adler- KMS Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition

Date: January 24th, 2022

Student Name: Sarah Adler

House Team: Skye Peak Team

Presenter: Meredith Collins

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Sarah Adler as this week’s Academic Standout! Sarah is a U16 Alpine student-athlete, who comes to us from Princeton, New Jersey. Sarah received several nominations from her teachers this week, each reflecting upon her thoughtful insights to class discussion, her staunch dedication towards going above and beyond all classroom and academic expectations, and her high academic integrity.

Winter-Term Humanities and BOOST teacher Meredith Collins presented for Sarah during this week’s all-school meeting, and was the first to put forth a nomination for her! Meredith writes, “In English, I am always impressed with Sarah's reading comprehension and her thoughtful insights to whatever she is tasked with reading. She is able to tackle difficult topics with appropriate contemplation, which is often above and beyond expectations. She is always on top of her assignments and takes her academic accountability seriously.”

Seconding this nomination is Winter-Term Humanities teacher David Mitiguy. David reflects, “Sarah's ability to balance her academic and athletic workloads with such aplomb is inspiring to say the least. She is consistent, hardworking, and inquisitive, a set of qualities you don't see in the classroom everyday.”

Also supporting this nomination is Academic Director April Hayden. April states, “Furniture Design is fun with Sarah! She is an excellent communicator, engaged in the projects, and enjoyable to work with. Sarah made time to meet with me on Monday even though we had no classes, and I really enjoyed analyzing the movie for the latest project with her!”

Adding to this list is Winter-Term Science and Math Teacher Donna Brewster. Donna comments, “Motivated, personable, delightful! Having Sarah in math for the 2nd year is such a pleasure. She is extremely self motivated and does all her work in a careful, timely manner! Go Sarah!!!”

Finally, rounding out these amazing nominations is Full-Term Spanish teacher, as well as Sarah’s advisor, Christy Harris. Christy writes, “Sarah is a dedicated, hardworking student who brings creativity and humor to her studies. She is a talented artist as well as athlete and young scholar!”

Excellent work, Sarah! We are proud to recognize your academic accomplishments! Be proud!





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